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Cheri's Tips

How to apply crystals using Cheri' s Cool Tool:

  • Always work on a hard flat surface
  • Insert crystal tip into the tool and allow to heat. For larger stones and to apply clusters of small crystals,use the small cluster tip. These tips sit on top of the crystal, not on your fabric. DO NOT use a surge protector as an extension cord, your Cool Tool will not reach temperature required to melt glue on crystals. You can use a standard extension cord.
  • Using tweezers in your right hand, pick up a crystal (glue side down) and place the crystal where you want it, (continuing to holding it in place with your tweezers). With the Cool Tool in your left hand, immediately set it on top of the crystal. Remove crystals. Hold Cool Tool in place for 8 seconds for 10ss crystals, 12 seconds for 16ss crystals. Let crystal cool. Using your fingernail, check to make sure crystal adhered properly. If not, repeat the process (hold the Cool Tool on the crystal longer). If left-handed, reverse the process.
  • Your project can be machine washed and dried.
  • I use 100% cotton in my quilts and have never had a problem (i.e.scorching or harming fabrics), however, always test on a scrap piece first.
  • Though this can be a time consuming project, it is well worth the effort. I watch (i.e. listen) to the television while working.

How To Use Mylar Sheets & Design your own Crystal Motifs
  • Place your pattern on a flat surface and tape the edge down with Scotch tape.
  • Remove white backing from the clear Mylar sheet.
  • Place Mylar sheet directly on top of pattern (sticky side up) and tape the edges of the Mylar sheet down with Scotch tape.
  • Place the crystals (shiny side down, glue side up) to outline your pattern and create the design.
  • When all crystals are in place, replace the white plastic paper backing and remove Scotch tape.
  • Check your design to make sure it is the way you want it – if not simply remove backing and reposition crystals.

Iron-on the finished design
  • Carefully remove the white paper backing
  • Position the design onto fabric. (the clear Mylar sheet will hold the design together.)
  • Place Teflon over design.
  • Set your iron to the proper temperature for the material, and allow iron to heat thoroughly.
  • MAKE SURE STEAM IS OFF. For most cotton fabrics use “Wool Setting”
  • Leave iron on design for approximately 25-45 seconds depending on fabric (less time for silks,more for denim, etc.) For large designs, heat one section at a time until all crystals are heated.
  • Do not move the iron.Just let it sit in place.
  • Turn item over and press again from the back.
  • Allow to cool for approximately 3 minutes that the resets and forms a permanent bond.
  • Slowly remove the Mylar sheet. If, when removing the Mylar … if any of the crystals are not firmly attached, carefully reposition the Mylar and repeat the ironing process.
  • Allow the crystals to cool and rub your finger over them. If any crystals feel “loose,”reapply the iron as above.
***Care and safety recommendations of manufacturer(s) ought to be followed, these iron on tools generally ought to be kept away from the reach and use of children. 

**When the design is totally sealed it becomes permanent and the garment may be machine washed up to 140 degrees, dryable and dry-cleaned without damage to the design.

***If you need to iron the garment, press the wrong side with a dry iron.

Do not touch skin with hot iron.